Fabric Inspection Machine Standard for Woven Fabric


The Model KKMTF is a fabric inspection machine for inspection of woven fabrics including denim. The machine is suitable for inspection of rolls up to 770 lbs., and a max. roll diameter of 18'. The AIT Standard Fabric Inspection and Measurement Machines have been designed and produced in order to prevent problems and cost increases that may arise in sewing departments of apparel industries due to production faults in the fabric.

Features include edge following and aligning photocells for obtaining the maximum use of fabric. Illuminated bottom screen and illumination from above provides an easy control of fabric.


  • Illuminated Bottom Screen and Illumination from Above

  • Counter for Measuring Fabric Length in Meters, Yards or Feet

  • Special Mechanism for Fabric Tension Adjustment

  • AC Speed Control

KKSTD Standard for Woven Fabric ​


KKSTD Standard for Woven Fabric ​


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