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AIT Portable Heat Seal Tools for PTFE Material

AIT offers three models of portable heat seal tools for belt welding. Heated platen sizes of 1'' x 6'' for welding a belt with a one inch overlap, and platen size of 3'' x 12'' for welding a finger splice. Features include digital temperature control for precise operation up to 800° F @ 110V. Welding films, insulated welding boards and other belt welding supplies are also available. We stock 10, 14 & 16 mil PTFE in widths of 24'', 36'', 48'', 60'' & 72''. Available in standard anti-static black finish, or optional tan finish for high pressure fusing of light colored fabrics.

Belt seaming options: AIT offers PTFE belting for all models of fusing machines with several splicing options (Super Smooth, One-inch Overlap, Finger Splice, Fabric Pin, Alligator Clip). For best performance, AIT recommends the "super smooth" seam. For extended belt life, AIT recommends reinforced edges. AIT is the exclusive worldwide manufacturer of belting for Astex, Simplex and Astechnologies fusing machines and heat transfer printers. For other models, please indicate the length, width and thickness, and we can provide a quotation. Standard PTFE material is 14 mil with a black, anti-static finish. Also available are 10 mil & 16 mil, and a tan finish for fusing white fabric. * Extend the life of your belts and reduce static build up with TBC-4 Belt Cleaning Powder.

AIT Temperature Calibration Strips 

AIT offers four types of temperature test strips to accurately measure the actual temperature of fusing machines and heat transfer printers. We recommend a check of temperature calibration controls at least once per week for all fusing machines and heat transfer printing machines to ensure the best quality results. Sold in packs of 40.

Type 0

Part #01521

Type 1

Part #01522

Type 2

Part #01523

Type 3

Part #01524

Temperature Range F

Temperature Range C

199* - 270* F           250* - 320* F         289* - 360* F         370* - 450* F 
93* - 132* C          121* - 160* C         143* - 182* C         188* - 232* C 
Pads, Belts and Other Sublimation Printing Supplies

The key ingredient to superior quality die sublimation printing can often be the pad. AIT offers a complete range of high temperature padding materials, along with belting and tray cover materials for most models of heat transfer printers. We specialize in custom-made solutions according to your specific needs. Call us today for a quotation.

Also Available: 

  • Silicone Rubber Padding in Several Degrees of Durometer

  • High Temperature Felt Padding and Endless Belting

  • Nomex Cloth and ''Molten'' Pad Protector

  • PTFE Coated Screen Belting for Conveyor Systems

  • Custom-made PTFE and Canvas Conveyor Belts

  • Roll Stock up to 72'' PTFE Belting

  • "Super Blue" Conductive Rubber Transfer Membrane for Sublimation Printing of Rigid Substrates


  Advanced Innovative Technologies, LLC (AIT) is the exclusive manufacturer, sales and service organization for Fabric Frame Graphic Display Systems, equipment for the apparel manufacturing, retail stores and reprographics industries- including all AIT lines of fabric fusing, rotary heat presses, and materials handling equipment (such as Heavy Duty Garment Racks, Roll Good Trucks, Unwinding Trucks, Carousel, etc).  Learn more about us!

Advanced Innovative Technologies, LLC (AIT) es el fabricante exclusivo, organización de ventas y servicio para los sistemas de pantalla gráfica de tejido, equipos para la fabricación de prendas de vestir, tiendas minoristas e industrias de reprografía, incluidas todas las líneas de fusión de telas, prensas rotativas y materiales de Astechnologies. equipo de manipulación (como bastidores de ropa de servicio pesado, camiones con buena rotación, camiones de desenrollado, carrusel, etc.). ¡Aprenda más acerca de nosotros!

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