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Current AIT Office Hours: 

Monday  Thursday: 7:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. EST
Friday: closed

Advanced Innovative Technologies, LLC
530 Wilbanks Drive
Ball Ground, GA 30107

Tel: 770-479-1900
Fax: 770-479-4179

About us

AIT is the exclusive manufacturer, sales, and service organization for Fabric Frame Graphic Display Systems, equipment for the apparel manufacturing, retail stores, and reprographics industries — including all AIT lines of fabric fusing, heat presses, and material handling equipment.

AIT has for three decades been a world-leading supplier of technologically-advanced fabric fusing, heat transfer presses, and materials handling equipment to the apparel manufacturing industry worldwide. AIT has been known for offering the most complete lines of these equipment groups available from a single source, worldwide, designed to meet any manufacturing need.

The company also has, in recent years, become a major supplier to the reprographics industry, worldwide, manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of technologically advanced sublimation rotary drum and platen heat press machines for use in the printing of flags, banners, ceramic tiles, carpet tiles, sports clothing, textile products, etc.

Michael Adams, who had been Director of Sales for the Equipment Group of Astechnologies and has held various sales and manufacturing positions with the company for more than 20 years, founded Adams International Technologies, Inc. in August, 2002. The company was sold in January, 2005 to Advanced Innovative Technologies, LLC (AIT). The corporate headquarters is located in Ball Ground, Georgia, just north of Atlanta.

"All of the members of our team, as well as others in the new company, know each and every piece of AIT equipment, and have been intimately involved with the equipment from the design stage, through manufacturing, sales, and installation at customer facilities,” Adams explains. “We know AIT customers personally and we understand the potential customer markets.”

Mike Adams

International executive with 31 years of Industry experience in global manufacturing, and International sales/marketing covering five world regions (North America, Central America/Caribbean Basin, South America, Asia and the European Union). Possesses strong knowledge of International trade practices and general import/export operation basics (marketing, financing, shipping, documentation, agency network selection, etc.)


Georgia State University, Atlanta, Ga. 1982

Jonathan Adams
President & COO,
Fabric Frame Sales

Extension: 101

Jacob Alford
Director of Sales & Marketing - Equipment

Extension: 104

Zach Hoopes
Production Manager

Extension: 105

Karen Jones
Accounting Manager/HR

Extension: 103

Sadie Jackson 
Customer Service Manager

Extension: 102

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  Advanced Innovative Technologies, LLC (AIT) is the exclusive manufacturer, sales and service organization for Fabric Frame Graphic Display Systems, equipment for the apparel manufacturing, retail stores and reprographics industries—including all Astechnologies lines of fabric fusing, rotary heat presses, and materials handling equipment. Learn more about us!

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