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MODEL 209 Piece Goods Truck 

Designed to keep rolls separate and within reach. Perfect for moving goods from storage into your production area. Ideal for using as storage or transporting bolts of cloth, vinyl, paper, pipe, tubing, bars, rods, and conduit. Perfect for textile manufacturers, sewing rooms, warehouses, hardware stores, plumbing suppliers etc.


Model 209 Heavy duty design can hold up to ten rolls of paper or fabric; 1500 lbs. total load capacity. Five tiers provide easy access to all your different products quickly and this mobile cart is perfect for moving rolls from storage into your production area.

  • Five tiers all able to handle 60" to 130" rolls 

  • 6" x 2" Casters

  • 12" cantilever arms (five levels total) spaced 12" apart vertically

  • Sturdy welded base and arms

  • Ships KDF to save transport cost; easy assembly

  • Stable wide steel base ensures safe movement of goods through your shop

MODEL 209 Piece Goods Truck 

"Perfect for Textile Manufacturers, Sewing Rooms and Hardware Stores!"

Available with 4, 5, or 6 tiers on each side


74” high x 33” wide

(designed to hold rolls from 36” up to 72” wide) 

1,500 lbs. total capacity (150 lbs. per level)

Industrial blue finish, welded frame: easy bolt together assembly onsite, easy rolling 6" casters with brakes.

Additional skid fee, plus shipping from our facility.

Please reach out to Sadie at for current pricing.

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