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Model 1550PA/PM
Dual-Platen Automatic/Manual Heat
Transfer Printing Press


The AIT 1550PA is a fully automatic, dual-platen heat transfer printing press designed for maximum productivity with materials ranging from soft T-shirts to hard ceramic tiles. The printing cycle is automatically activated by a foot pedal switch. The heated press head automatically moves into position, drops, and presses for the pre-set dwell time. Operator movement is limited to loading and unloading operations, thereby reducing fatigue and maximizing production. Optional double heating makes this an ideal machine for printing rigid substrates including ceramic tiles. Standard platen size is 16'' x 20''. Optional 20'' x 24'' version also available. There is a manual option available: the AIT 1550PM, which is more cost-effective.


  • Digital temperature control

  • Digital timer & piece counter

  • Adjustable pneumatic pressure

  • Automatic operation by foot pedal

  • Hand Safety Device

  • 16” x 20” heated platen with swing-away head for easy access to the entire surface and to protect the operator from heat

  • Interchangeable top and bottom platens are available in sizes from 4' x 4' to 20' x 24'

  • Quick disconnect design allows both platens to be changed in less than five minutes.

  • Unique air diaphragm pressure system generates an applied force of 22 psi across the entire 16' x 20' platen. Incoming air pressure 80-100 psi. This high pressure system provides precise registration of small text and deep penetration of ink into rigid substrates.

  • The exclusive AIT Mica Heat Matte ensures quick recovery and consistent operating temperatures across the entire surface of the heated platen. The AIT Mica Heat Matte is superior to tubular cal rod heating elements found in low-end heat presses. The matte has 100% contact with the platen to eliminate hot and cold spots, and maintain operating temperature within one to two degrees throughout continuous operation of the press.

  • Digital temperature and time controls with precise settings to 0.1 degrees/seconds

  • Safety features include swing-away head and automatic hand safety guard

  • Options include interchangeable platens, custom steel stand, and laser light positioning system

  • Optional Double Heating





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