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HEAT PRESS: Rotary Drum: 1600

Model 1600

Dual Station Heat Transfer Printer

The AIT Model 1600 is a fully automatic, large-format heat transfer printing system specifically designed for dye sublimation printing of flags, banners, carpet tiles, ceramics, wood, plastics, and cut apparel parts. The heated upper platen automatically indexes from one station to the other. The Astex multi-zone heat control and hydraulic pressure system provides consistent quality. The Model 1600 is Safety Certified and meets all EC Safety and Efficiency Standards.


  • Six independently controlled heating zones allow precise control of temperature over the heated platen surface

  • Digital temperature indication for each heating zone

  • Symmetrically placed heating elements provide even heat throughout the platens, ensuring color uniformity

  • Hydraulic platen pressure of up to 36,000 lbs. (6 PSI)

  • Precision ground steel platens ensure minimum variation in flatness across the printing surface

  • High-rigidity frame structure

  • Traversing heated head allows for loading and reloading of parts during the printing cycle

  • Optional “Gapping Mode” allows printing on substrates which are subject to crushing

  • Head Safety Device

  • Optional Double Heating

  • Optional with 380 or 440 V


Model 1600 Dual Station Heat Transfer Printer ​


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