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Model 162/354CR

Pnuematic Shuttle Press

HEAT PRESS: Platen Models: 162/354CR


Model 162CR, 24'' x 36'' Platen, shown with optional Double Heating & Optional Automatic Tray Operation. The industry standard for 30 years is now equipped with three independently-controlled zones of top heat and is ideal for fusing, heat transfer printing, and film laminating. Equipped with pneumatic pressure control and digital timer, the heated platen automatically releases as the dwell time expires.

Platen pressure is easily adjusted with a regulator while the appropriate temperatures are maintained with a digital thermostat. The reciprocating tray system doubles productivity by providing a loading tray while the original tray is cycling. Options include double heating, automatic tray operation, and a variety of felt and silicon rubber padding choices.


  • Front-load tray system

  • Three zones of heat control

  • Digital time and temperature controls


  • Double heating

  • Hydraulic pressure system

  • Air-operated automatic tray loading system



Model 162/354CR Pnuematic Shuttle Press ​


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