AIT has for three decades been a world-leading supplier of technologically advanced fabric fusing and rotary heat presses to the apparel manufacturing industry worldwide.

Equipment for the Textile & Apparel Industries. AIT is the exclusive worldwide manufacturer, sales and service organization for equipment to the apparel manufacturing, retail stores and reprographics industries—including all AIT lines of materials handling equipment.   More Info

Visual marketing made more efficient - With expenses to install traditional displays significantly rising, our system allows the cost to be drastically reduced; and it’s not only about the money. This allows strategies to be implemented that can result in increased sales.  More Info


for the Textile & Apparel Industries


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  Advanced Innovative Technologies, LLC (AIT) is the exclusive manufacturer, sales and service organization for Fabric Frame Graphic Display Systems, equipment for the apparel manufacturing, retail stores and reprographics industries. This also includes all AIT lines of Fabric Fusing, Rotary Heat Presses, and Materials Handling Equipment (Heavy Duty Garment Racks, Roll Good Trucks, Unwinding Trucks, Carousel, etc) 

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7400 IJO SPORT rotary heat press machine

7400IJO Sport Rotary Heat Press

The new oil heated 7400 IJO SPORT series rotary heat press has been specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for cut part digital printing. The new oil heating system guarantees a uniform heat distribution across the width of the drum with a minimum of energy consumption. 

1550 pa heat transfer printing press machine

1550PA Heat Transfer Printing Press

The A.I.T. 1550PA is a fully automatic, dual-platen heat transfer printing press designed for maximum productivity with materials ranging from soft T-shirts to hard ceramic tiles. Optional double heating makes this an ideal machine for printing rigid substrates including ceramic tiles. 


These newest large pnuematic format platen presses from AIT are available in two sizes – 30'' x 40'' and 40'' x 60''. In addition to dye sublimation, these models support all types of heat transfer applications including hot and cold plastisol peel transfers and heat activated laminating processes. 



The perfectly fitted sides are simply snapped together and tightened to form a stable frame. Then, the high resolution printed material complete with silicone edging is pressed into the groove of the frame. Even large formats can be managed easily by one person. Images can also be simply and quickly exchanged.


125 Fabric Storage & Cloth Unwind Truck/Cart

Eliminates double handling! Pull cloth right from the truck to the cutting table. Designed for easy maneuvering in narrow aisles.  Comes in standard various sizes that handle 54" to 140" goods. Features: 2000 lbs load capacity, 6" x 2" locking casters. Ships KDF and Standard Blue Finish. All units 76" high and 44" deep

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