294 Dual Mattress Truck AIT

With our unique mattress truck one person can move a mountain of mattresses!

The "Original" 294 heavy duty dual mattress truck is unique in that it is loaded in a vertical position and lowered to a flat truck position allowing easy, controlled rolling of the mattresses and/or box springs. Perfect for mattress manufactures, mattress stores, and department stores as well as distribution centers and other facilities. This truck has a 500 lbs. capacity. It comes with two industrial grade 8'' rigid casters and two 5'' swivel casters. It has 36'' rail height to hold mattress. The Model 194 is 38''H x 60''L x 32''W. Weight of this unit is 71 lbs. Standard color is grey. Made in the U.S.A.


  • Guaranteed to never bend, sag, break, or tip over when used under normal conditions. (''Normal Conditions'' meaning indoor use on reasonably level floors.)

       Capacity:    500 lbs.

       Dimensions:    38" H x 66" L X 32" W

       Weight:   71 lbs.

MODEL 294 Dual Mattress Truck 

Used In Retail / Department Stores /

Distribution Centers For Over 40 Years! 

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